Wocopa Academy

What is Wocopa Academy?
What is the Purpose of This Training?
Who Can Participate in the Wocopa Academy Training Program?


Wocopa Academy is a training program that trains International Investment and Trade Consultants to work independently or as an in-house representative.

It is aimed to increase access to necessary and sufficient representatives/employees in order to enable companies that want to do foreign trade, especially start exporting or move their export level further, in order to achieve their goals by competing effectively. In addition, those who want to build their careers on investment and foreign trade will be informed about all aspects of international trade and investment in practice, and by gaining the competence to implement and manage foreign trade activities within a network of WOCOPA’s business partners in 101 countries, 40 of which are active, with their advantageous certificates approved by London-based WOCOPA International

  • Persons in charge of the management level of the companies
  • Persons responsible for foreign trade marketing and operation of companies
  • Students or graduates who want to pursue a career in foreign trade
  • Those who want to act as an intermediary in import or export business and earn commission income from these activities
  • People who want to deal with foreign trade as an additional job and provide additional income
  • Those whose conditions are suitable for home office work and those who want to earn income by working from home
  • Entrepreneurs who want to start a business without capital
  • Employees who are not satisfied with their current job and want to continue their working life in the foreign trade sector, which includes newer and international opportunities.

How long ıs the traInıng?

A total of 40+2 lessons will be given during the training period.

Whıch document ıs gıven at the end of the traınıng?

International Trade and Investment Advisory Certificate

What Is the Tuıtıon Fee?

Our tuition fees may vary depending on the program opened. You can go to the training page for current fees.

When Wıll the Traınıng Start?

Our programs are seasonal and are adjusted according to the time of our instructors. You can go to the training page for current training.

Are the Courses Face to Face or Onlıne?

Our training is given only “online” for individual requests. Within the scope of group requests, we have the option of face-to-face training in Ankara. Please contact WOCOPA for group training, private lesson requests or corporate training requests for the company

Is there a recordıng of lıve lectures at Wocopa Academy, can the vıdeos be watched agaın?

One of the issues we care most about at Wocopa Academy is that each participant receives qualified training. For this reason, our lessons are not in the form of ready-made video packages, but live lessons. Our lessons will be live because we care about the situations that will make learning most effective, such as our teacher’s sharing of experience, current examples and the student’s asking questions during the lesson.

Is Attendance to Classes Mandatory?

It is compulsory to complete 80% of the courses. End-of-training exam information based on the training content will be shared with the participants via the online platform. The passing grade in the exam is 70, and in return for this grade, the right to receive an approved consultancy certificate (in Turkish and English) from the London-based WOCOPA Academy will be earned. Those whose passing grade is unsuccessful reserve the right to take the exam twice without repeating the training. Only those who fail after exercising all their rights will be given a Certificate of Participation in the training.


Investment consultancy training

40 Hours 19 Modules of Professional Training

International University Approved Certificate

Easy Job Opportunity

Opportunity to Work with Wocopa

Could you gıve ınformatıon about the Traınıng Package?

Modul 1
Modul 2
Modul 3
Modul 4
Modul 5
Modul 6
Modul 7
Modul 8
Modul 9
Modul 10
Modul 11
Modul 12
Modul 13
Modul 14
Modul 15
Modul 16
Modul 17
Modul 18
Modul 19

Introduction and Presentation (Purpose, Target Audience, Content and Scope, Vision, etc.)


International Trade Basic Concepts (International Trade, Marketing, Dynamics, Environmental Analysis, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Opportunities and Risks etc.)


International Direct Capital Investments


Institutions and Organizations Related to Foreign Trade/Foreign Investments in Turkey


Export and Import Legislation and Practices (Free Zones, Tax Legislation etc.)


International Marketing, Promotion and International Fairs


International E-Commerce Applications (Target Market Selection, Customs Procedures, Business Directory, Correspondence, Electronic Marketplaces, Communication Applications etc.)

International Trade Opportunities and Market Research


International Digital Commerce Platforms: B2B and B2C


Payment Methods, Risks and Precautions in Foreign Trade


International Trade Financing and Collection Risk Minimization


Export-Oriented State Aids, Support and Incentives


E-Commerce and Supports Given to E-Commerce


Delivery Types and Operation (Incoterms and details)


Transport Operation Applications (Freight quotes, Transport insurances, Transport applications etc.)


Documents Used in Foreign Trade and Customs Applications


International Trade: Export Practice Example


Preparation of Contracts in Foreign Trade and Resolution of Disputes


Foreign Trade Statistics: The Case of Turkey