Who is the Networker?


Networker is the person who directs investors, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors by carrying out activities within the scope of explaining the current products and systems of Wocopa and its affiliated companies to the business world and its environment in the work area and offering them to their benefit. Anyone associated with the business world can become a networker.

Duties of the Networker:

  • Aims to expand the network of affiliated companies with Wocopa in order to sustain success and growth.
  • Introduces Wocopa to new products, people and companies.
  • Helps local buying and selling transactions.
  • Helps to overcome the bureaucratic obstacles in the region when needed. Offers solutions connected to his/her own network.
  • Networker is in contact with the general manager or coordinator in his/her region.

You can apply to become a networker at Wocopa here .