Who is the Solution Partner?

Solution Partner

Solution Partner is an expert person or institution that provides professional support in the solution of the service requested by Wocopa within the framework of a contract. They register to the Wocopa system with a solution partnership agreement.

Duties of the Solution Partner:

  • They are the persons or companies, associations or organizations working as accountants, financial advisors, lawyers, financial advisors, incentive and grant advisors or management advisors related to the relevant business group.
  • Solution partner; Develops bilateral relations between Wocopa and other companies, institutions and individuals.
  • Becomes a reference to people or institutions that Wocopa can work with. Provides solutions in case Wocopa representatives contact.
  • The solution partner is in contact with the general manager or coordinator in the region.

 You can apply to be a solution partner of Wocopa here .