Wocopa organizes seminars where the experiences of our successful business people, experts who shape the world of economy and academics are shared.

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Strategic Partnership

Stratejik Ortaklık

Creating a partnership in the target country is a type of cooperation based on sharing resources and information with the companies you partner with in the country where you will do business. For example, a company based in Turkey may want to sell its products in Europe. If it is a Germany-based company, it may want to sell the goods produced by the company in Turkey. Thanks to a strategic partnership to be established between the two companies here, both the Turkish company will be opened to Europe and the German company will sell the goods produced by the Turkish company.

This is where Wocopa creates a partnership for you in the target country from its reliable members. Thanks to this strategic partnership created by Wocopa, companies are provided with more opportunities. In other words, strategic partnership not only provides easier access to new and attractive opportunities, but also reduces existing barriers to entering new markets.

If you want to have the chance to step into new markets and have a competitive advantage in your industry thanks to strategic partnerships, all you have to do is reach Wocopa.

Business Meetings

İş Buluşmaları

Wocopa takes on the role of matchmaking between companies. The profile information of the companies is kept in the database of Wocopa and is never shared without the approval of the companies. In this process, the most suitable matchmaking is carried out by Wocopa’s analysts through the profile of companies that can be matched. With the realization of the twinning, meetings and meet-ups are organized by Wocopa in order to strengthen the connections of the companies.

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Virtual Fair Organizations

Sanal Fuar Organizasyonları


Wocopa offers participation services to entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, SMEs and corporate companies in virtual fairs. If you want to have a stand in virtual fairs and have hundreds of thousands of customers visit your stand, you can contact Wocopa.


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