International Trade

The main goal of Wocopa is to provide communication between companies operating in various sectors (production and/or sales) and buyers and to increase foreign trade volume through its BidBod24 and WocopaTrade trading platforms. Having managed to establish an active trade network in 51 countries with the BidBod24 platform in a short time, Wocopa has also established representative offices in 110 countries through WocopaTrade.

E-Commerce with Wocopa

If you want to join the e-commerce world, you need to buy your products at affordable prices and deliver them to the appropriate buyer group. Wocopa brings buyers and sellers together with an innovative approach to e-commerce. In addition, Wocopa has its own supply chains. It has a strong and reliable e-commerce applications infrastructure. With these applications, your product supply, sales and advertisement can be made.


It allows you to sell your stock products in 24 hours or to buy the products you are interested in at much lower market price. You can download our application to become a free member of Bidbod24 and for more details.


Established for those who want to be sure of the quality of the purchased product and the reliability of the seller in order to find a referenced buyer abroad to export the products produced or wholesaled, or to import from abroad; It is the world’s most reliable closed-circuit trading platform with a certain number of referenced businessmen, manufacturers, wholesalers, stockbrokers, distributors and experts. You can download our application to submit a membership request to WocopaTrade.

Expertise Service


Wocopa, together with your request, has the quality approval and confirmation of the products you are interested in done by our authorized expert, and prepares an expert report on the product. All kinds of products or products that may be subject to trade are examined by our expert on site and submitted to your approval before your commercial decision.

With Wocopa, you can reach our experts to confirm the quality and standardization of your products, which you will purchase from every sector in 110 countries of the world. Click for expert service.

Lead Generation


Lead Generation is the process of getting people or potential customers who are completely unfamiliar with your brand to be interested in your product, service or services. It is necessary to develop new, seamless and as unique as possible methods to increase the interest of your potential customers in your brand or to generate interest in your products, services and services in general.

Wocopa’s Lead Generation Process

  • To prepare the Lead Generation infrastructure, Wocopa establishes a dialogue with its collaborators to identify all the people/companies in your potential target audience in the target country.
  • Wocopa connects many pages on your website directly to landing pages with the help of CTAs and follows your target audience.
  • Wocopa manages your social media for you and analyses your target audience.
  • Wocopa organizes your advertising campaigns.

The expert and experienced staff of Wocopa analyses the target audience in the Lead Generation process and divides them into groups and evaluates each group separately.

If you want people or potential customers who are completely unfamiliar with your brand to be interested in your brand and products, the only thing you need to do is to contact Wocopa.

Logistics & Storage Solutions


  • Logistics with Wocopa

With Wocopa, the logistics solutions of your products abroad are carried out in a healthy way. No matter where your product is in the world, the logistics service is carried out smoothly under the supervision of Wocopa representatives and experts. You will be notified when the product is on its way, during the journey and when the product is delivered. In order to prevent your products from being damaged along the way, the most suitable vehicle is selected and your products are safely packed and loaded. Wocopa provides reliable transportation and organized logistics services to all over the world.

Storage with Wocopa

Wocopa provides you with reliable service in storage after the transportation of your products. Your products are safely stored 24/7 in Wocopa warehouses in the central regions of Europe, especially in the USA.

If you want to get detailed information about Logistics & Storage Analysis that we offer you as Wocopa, you can visit our Wo-Commerce page.


Market Research


Looking at the companies that are successful in international marketing and business processes; The success stories of those who carry the market strategy to the target markets, examine the consumption preferences of different cultures in depth, create the distribution channels in the target market correctly and use the communication tools effectively are increasing day by day. The basis of these success stories is the very good analysis of international market research.

Wocopa analyses the right market very well in line with the work of its partners all over the world and especially the demands of business partners dealing with foreign trade, and reports the solutions it produces in this process and presents it to your service.

International markets and target markets are analysed effectively by Wocopa International Trade Experts and proactive solutions are produced according to the emerging needs. Wocopa offers to its members services such as:

  • Guidance,
  • Performing market analysis and collecting know-how from the market,
  • Analysing the status of competitors,
  • Identifying the basic needs of the target market,
  • Detecting the availability of supply and demand,
  • Providing analysis of the target audience to identify real customers,
  • Analysing data to determine profitability in the market during the market research process.

If you need global market research before your trade and want to get a reliable service, please contact Wocopa, which offers 24/7 professional support to our valued customers.


Wo-Commerce (Amazon, Etsy, eBay Management)


Amazon, Etsy and eBay are multinational companies focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Among them, Amazon is referred to as “one of the world’s most influential economic and cultural powers” and “one of the world’s most valuable brands”.

Wocopa has integrated the Wo-commerce system into its own. In this system, for the Wocopa customer who wants to sell their products, steps are as follows:

  • First, product analysis is done by Wocopa.
  • Following the product analysis, a certain amount of sample is requested from the Wocopa customer. With this sample, the sales and target audience analysis of the product is made by entering the market.
  • After it is seen that the desired target audience has been reached and the sale has been realized, the customer is requested to send all their products.
  • Wocopa organizes sales with all products entering the market.  
  • The product now has a brand value from this point forward. Products by Wocopa are branded in the market, reaching more target audiences and increasing their sales rates.

You can visit the Wo-commerce page for more detailed information about the Wo-commerce system offered by Wocopa.

International Distributorship & Dealership & Franchising

Wocopa has the necessary sales-marketing network to market, promote and distribute a manufacturer’s product. With Wocopa, which reveals the potential, logistics opportunities, possible risks and customer profile of the target market, you are also guaranteed close to 100% in distributorship and dealership.

If you are looking for someone who is authorized and reliable to distribute and sell your products in the target country, you can contact Wocopa.