WOCOPA opened its 101st representative office in Turkey

London-based WOCOPA, which has created a strong trade network in nearly 100 different countries, opened its Turkey representative office at the Mövenpick Hotel in Ankara. Şakir Yiğit, representative of WOCOPA Turkey, noted that they allow individuals and companies to adapt to the globalizing world.

Stating that WOCOPA has succeeded in bringing together hundreds of investors and entrepreneurs with outstanding investment opportunities, especially in Europe and America, since its establishment, Yiğit said, “By opening our 101st representative office in Turkey, we share our people, youth, entrepreneurial spirit, product and effort with people of the world. We manage all processes by guiding anyone who wants it with our reliable human resources.”

Expressing that WOCOPA Turkey offers many opportunities to entrepreneurs, Yiğit said:

“Some of these opportunities are; visa application and follow-up, company establishment, office establishment and management services, marketing and product market research, translation services and investment consultancy services in the relevant country.”

The first solution partner of WOCOPA Turkey was Bahadır Şahin, a young entrepreneur from Ankara. Şahin, who took the first step by launching the website called Session in England, reminded all entrepreneurs who want to establish a company in the UK about the opportunities provided by the Ankara agreement and that these opportunities will be available as of the end of 2020. pointed out that it will come to an end. Şahin said, “I think it would be more beneficial for those who want to be a solution partner with WOCOPA Turkey to evaluate these opportunities in the UK first. The Ankara Agreement provides Turkish citizens with the opportunity to establish a company in the UK, to be a partner in companies or to benefit from the free education and health opportunities provided to British citizens, along with their family members they are responsible for, as well as work permits.

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