Abroad Residence & Citizenship Transactions

Your foreign residence and citizenship application procedures are followed by Wocopa, which has many years of experience in crossing the borders for business people and professionals in more than a hundred countries.

We are at your service with our expert legal staff in solving your permanent immigration applications, high-qualified immigrant applications, work permit and immigration status problems in Europe.

For more detailed information, you can contact Wocopa or Obtain a Residence Permit in UK and Obtain a Residence Permit in Europe pages where our services are offered.

Acquiring Facilities & Real Estate Abroad

In recent years, it has been observed that real estate acquisition abroad, plant and factory purchases for investment have increased. The low interest rates offered by banks in Europe, the volatility in exchange rates (state of uncertainty), real estate development companies offering different payment options to get out of the crisis, and most importantly, the marketing of real estate at very affordable prices compared to previous years made foreign investments attractive. At the same time, when the foreign real estate investments are analysed, the first thing that stands out is the increase in the rental value of the real estates. As a result of this, the depreciation period (depreciation share) of the real estate decreases to much shorter periods.

If you are looking for a real estate or investment project, facility or factory abroad, you can visit the BNC Investment website or contact Wocopa and get information.

Opening a Bank Account Abroad & Loan Application

With Wocopa located in 110 countries of the world, it is now very easy and fast to open an account and apply for a loan in banks abroad. Even if you do not reside in the country where you want to open an account, your account can be opened from the bank and your loan application can be examined thanks to Wocopa.

The documents required for opening an account or applying for a loan in the desired country may vary from bank to bank. In this context, you can contact the expert team of Wocopa to get detailed information about the basic documents you need to submit to the bank during the application and how the process works.

Establishing a Company Abroad & Moving a Company Abroad

With Wocopa, the process of establishing a company abroad or moving your company abroad is much easier, more economical and advantageous than establishing a company in Turkey. If you wish, Wocopa’s expert and experienced team will take action to establish your company on your behalf very quickly and without bureaucracy or move your company to the country you want. You do not have to leave Turkey during this process. The only thing left for you is to head your company abroad.

If you want to establish your company abroad or move abroad with the privilege of Wocopa, you can contact Wocopa immediately.

Education Consultancy

eğitim danışmanlığı

One of the biggest concerns of business people who set up a business abroad is whether their family and their education will continue uninterrupted in their new life in the target country. To overcome these fears, they need reliable and experienced educational counselling.

Wocopa is a versatile establishment. It not only finds solutions to your business and commercial problems, but also tries to find solutions to all the problems that may arise, especially education, of your loved ones.

Main services offered by Wocopa as educational consultancy;

  • Kindergarten, primary, secondary, high school and university registration & placement in England and many European countries
  • Language course in England (Native speaking / IELTS & OET)
  • Vocational courses
  • Summer and winter camps in England and Europe
  • Private lesson programs
  • Certificate programs
  • Online trainings
  • Football camp

Wocopa finds solution to any education needs of you and your family or employees. In this context, if you want to consult with the experienced training staff of Wocopa, you can visit and Skyline Academy pages and contact Wocopa.

IT & Social Media and PR Services

When you apply to Wocopa for the promotion of your companies, Wocopa’s expert IT / Social Media & PR (public relations) staff immediately sets forth the company’s goals and starts promotional activities within this scope. Wocopa, with the work it puts forward;

  • Delivers brands to audiences in the target country.
  • Increases the sales of products.
  • Establishes positive relations in the target country.

At this stage, it creates buyers in order to respond to the needs and wishes of the audience in the target country. Delivers a media campaign focused on responding wants and needs during PR work.

If you need IT / Media & PR consultancy, you can contact Wocopa.

IT Support Services

As Wocopa, we offer you professional consultancy services on how to use the advantages of rapidly developing digital media. Our IT consultants provide 24/7 service in every subject you need in the world of informatics, especially in website design, corporate identity work, the promotion of your products and services with Google and other search engine tools, and the management of software that you can monitor your company’s business processes on the web.

Solutions we produce for you and your companies within the scope of IT support:

  • Information security service
  • Cloud computing service
  • Virtualization services
  • Setting up system automation
  • Net and network service
  • Social media management
  • IT consultancy service

By determining your needs and making the necessary analysis, we primarily offer you the most suitable solution for you as a project. We think for you and develop special projects for you.

If you want to benefit from IT support services offered by Wocopa, you can contact Wocopa or visit our Digitalhelpers.Co page, which serves as Wocopa’s solution partner.

Obtaining a Diplomatic Passport

If you invest in certain countries through Wocopa, you are entitled to receive the diplomatic passport of that country. And therefore wherever you fly in the world, you’ll be treated as a VIP thanks to a diplomatic passport.
You can transfer your investments to many countries of the world via Wocopa. If you want to obtain a Diplomatic passport, you can contact Wocopa geçebilirsiniz.

Commercial Visa Processes

Wocopa; provides support for businessmen, company owners, company employees, large-medium and small-sized business owners and employees in preparing the documents for obtaining visa invitations from the organizers of events abroad or from the company to be interviewed in the country with which they will establish commercial relations.

For more detailed information, you can contact Wocopa.

Abroad Company Management Support

Our professional and experienced team in Wocopa has extensive corporate management knowledge. Wocopa’s expert staff and lawyers regularly provide leadership and consultancy in foreign company organizations. An experienced and reliable manager to be appointed by Wocopa to your companies abroad can manage your companies on your behalf.
If you need administrative & management consultancy, you can contact Wocopa.

Financial Leasing

Financial leasing is a financing method in which the right of use of an asset is given to the lessee for a certain fee, for the entire or nearly all of its economic life, while the ownership right remains with the lessor company at the beginning, and the transfer of the ownership right of the asset is foreseen at the end of this period.

If you want to choose the way of leasing instead of buying in the field you will invest in abroad, Wocopa can search for leasing opportunities abroad on your behalf.

You can contact Wocopa for details.

Renting a Resident & Virtual Office Abroad

The virtual office has become an indispensable part of the developing industry as a flexible workspace. As Wocopa, we provide office services to businesses without having or renting a traditional and physical office.

With the virtual office concept offered by Wocopa, business people have the opportunity to work freely from a satellite office, home office, and remote location or even on a mobile device while on the go. At the same time, the company provides its customers and employees with facilities such as receptionist, call centre, meeting room, conference room, workspace, mail tracking and fax owned and maintained by the virtual office.

If you need a virtual office for yourself, your business partners and customers, you can contact Wocopa.

Strategic Consulting

Strategy development, operational planning and financial planning are carried out for companies that want to enter the target country by forming a project team with Wocopa’s foreign trade experts. As per your request, Wocopa’s experience in 110 countries can turn into a special strategic support for you.

If you want to make your strategy implementation plans in the target country together with Wocopa, you can contact Wocopa.

Accounting & Tax Tracking of Your Companies Abroad

We are always by your side with our expert staff in foreign trade, our wide international network and our solutions that will carry your business to the future. In this context, Wocopa offers all kinds of commercial and financial solutions to businessmen who will invest abroad with its experience and knowledge. Your financial transactions within the scope of your foreign commercial activities, as well as your companies’ accounting and tax transactions are followed up by the professional team of Wocopa. The information and documents to be sent to the Undersecretariat of Treasury and the Ministry of Economy due to your activities abroad are prepared and sent by Wocopa on time.

If you need solutions for all your financial transactions and the accounting records of your companies abroad, you can consult the expert team of Wocopa 24/7.

International Trade & Marketing Consultancy

The difference of companies that beat you in competition is that they are more skilled than you in international trade and marketing. For this, “Are your current marketing staff sufficient? Does your brand-positioning match with your target audience? Does your product meet expectations? Is your packaging attractive? Are you selling at the right price? Are your distribution channels set up correctly and adequately? Are you in the right sales points? Is your promotion effective?” You can find the answers to these and hundreds of similar questions together with Wocopa. Wocopa analyses your company’s marketing department and activities with its professional and effective marketing consultants, and creates reporting systems where you can continuously measure your marketing performance in international trade. Thus, it allows you to measure the return of your marketing investments. In addition, consultants set short, medium and long-term goals and create your marketing plan by analysing target customers.

If you want to have a good market plan for your company and brand, you can contact the expert team of Wocopa.

Commercial Law & Advocacy Services

Legal support is provided by Wocopa at every stage of the commercial law process regarding the effective and professional management of the processes in disputes between the parties and the prevention and resolution of disputes before they reach the litigation stage.
Some of Wocopa’s consultancy services within the scope of commercial law are listed below;
• Follow-up and resolution of commercial disputes between the parties in pre-litigation processes
• Preparation and evaluation of commercial contracts
• Legal scope of company establishment
• Legal assistance in company transfer/takeover transactions
If you are looking for a lawyer within the scope of your foreign trade, you can contact Wocopa or visit Wocopa’s solution partner in the field of Law, at Avukatlazım page.

Feasibility & Business Plan Preparation

As Wocopa, for the business to be established by the entrepreneur who wants to start any business, no matter where in the world; We provide consultancy and support services for the preparation of the feasibility report and business plan by conducting the necessary studies in terms of market structure (customer mass, competitive environment), workplace selection, organizational structure, manufacturing-service structure, financing, financial statements and profitability structure.

If you want to receive a meticulous and comprehensive service at every stage of the entrepreneurs’ new business establishment and development processes, you can contact Wocopa right away.

Investment Consulting

With our professional field team, we first analyse the current situation of your business and then draw a roadmap in accordance with the goals of your business. With this roadmap, we direct your company resources (machine, material, money, time, labour) in the most profitable way.

With Wocopa, you can shorten the payback period of your investments by gaining government supports and benefiting from tax exemptions for your company’s investments. At the same time, by planning the estimated and actual costs through Wocopa’s consultants, you can turn the production improvements that will keep your profit margin into company culture.

If you need investment advice for your company or brand, you can contact Wocopa.

Supply Chain & Procurement Consulting

Wocopa sets out purchasing and supply chain strategies such as demand analysis of the products you want to buy, demand quantities, demand forecasts and planning, purchasing activities, stock management, information management, product and service and supplier quality, supplier communication, scheduling, contract and contract evaluation, supplier costs, logistics management.

If you apply to Wocopa, material quality and price analysis are made and a report is presented to you including alternative products, purchasing processes or supplier suggestions.

You can contact Wocopa to discuss supply chain and purchasing.

Translation Services        

With its professional staff, Wocopa offers our customers the highest quality service in translation. In addition to company documents or projects, translation and notarization processes of your official documents such as passport, identity card, driver’s license, diploma, family certificate, court decision, power of attorney, notarized passport translation to be submitted to government institutions are offered to your service by our sworn expert translators and contracted notaries.

You can contact Wocopa for translation, editorship, project coordination and localization services.

Product & Project R&D Consultancy


As Wocopa, we provide R&D consultancy services in many different fields so that companies that carry out R&D, design and innovation activities in different sectors can benefit from support mechanisms at the maximum level in accordance with their own structures.

In this context, Wocopa supports companies to evaluate the projects they offer with all their alternatives and to benefit from the projects that will provide the most appropriate profit and benefit. It also provides supervision and consultancy services regarding the identification of opportunities and risks.

If you have a project or idea, you can contact Wocopa or visit the Atomyum Startup Academy website.

Project Management

If you request, Wocopa undertakes the project management and consultancy of all kinds of sectoral investments you will make abroad, especially in industry-production facilities.

In this context, Wocopa;

  • Prepares the necessary management plans for the initiation and management of the project.
  • Follows the relevant legislation and corporate standards in coordination.

You can contact Wocopa for detailed information about our project management consultancy service.

Fund, Grant, Investment & Incentive Application

Within the scope of our grant, fund, investment incentives and credit consultancy, we examine your company from many aspects and investigate your domestic and international incentives and grant opportunities and your loan opportunities from foreign banks.

With the roadmap and strategies we created together with our customers, We provide support to institutions applying for funds and grants in every field from the European Union projects, to support of Ministry of Economy, the support of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology; from the Rural Development (IPARD) Program to TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB projects.

Analysing and developing the project idea, preparing the application file suitable for the authority to be applied, following the file after the application, monitoring and evaluation processes are followed by Wocopa’s expert teams. If you are looking for funds and grants or investment incentives, especially for your abroad investments, you can contact Wocopa right away.

Trademark Licensing & Registration Procedures

The contractual right to use a trademark is called a license. The person authorized in the brand license agreements only acquires the right to use, not the right to the trade name. Therefore, the basic usage rights of the trademark remain with the trademark owner. In this case, the license agreement provides benefits for both parties. Thanks to the trademark usage authorization, the owner of the trademark has the opportunity to spread his trademark further, while the holder of the trademark authority obtains the right to use the existing name without having to re-create, promote, register and protect a trademark.

Wocopa has the authority to initiate the necessary initiatives in the target country for trademark licensing and registration procedures. If you are looking for an authorized person for licensing and registration of your brand in the target country, you can contact Wocopa.

Patent Registration

Inventors have the right to prevent others from registering or selling their inventions in their own name by means of Patent Registration (taking a patent). Thus, with their patent rights, they can prevent the use of their patented invention by others for commercial purposes.

You can contact us to make your patent registration process with Wocopa in 110 countries of the world.